Reading Venezuela

Turmoil, Betsy Jones
The situation in Venezuela is, once again, being analysed in the political media as things heat up. Greg Grandin in The Nation has asked a couple of well-known Leftist researchers on Venezuela to briefly offer their perspectives on the current situation. Over in The Conversation, Marco Aponte-Moren and Lance Lattig offer a different assessment that echoes the more common portrayal and narratives on Venezuela.

I certainly think it is important to underscore the difficult and real day-to-day situation Venezuelans live in the name of a democracy to come, but writings on Venezuela cannot merely do this. It is critical to emphasise the broad shift in doing politics that has taken place and what is indeed politically at stake in Venezuela after 15 years of ‘revolución bolivariana’. The current set up may well be muddling 21st century socialism for the many versus rentierism + neoliberal wealth for the few; we can work with and critique the former, but only resist the latter.

The hopeful analysis, here, and the sobering reading through here.


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